Jubilate -Cincinnati, Oh

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Jubilate - A Conference on Prayer Book Revision (Sat. Nov 2 in Cincinnati)


Did you know that in 2018 the General Convention of the Episcopal Church set in motion the process (which will take many years) of revising the 1979 Book of Common Prayer?  There are lots of different opinions out there and the church is in a season of careful reflection on what our new forms of worship will look like.  Will we make small adjustments or radical ones?  What sort of language will we use to talk to God in our common worship?  There is no "agenda" yet.  To support this nation-wide conversation, our diocese is hosting SIX major scholars (who represent very different perspectives) from across the country for a day of presentations and conversations; they definitely reflect left, right, and center.  The site is Christ Church Cathedral in Cincinnati, Saturday, Nov 2 (9am-4:30pm).  Everybody needs to be at the table!  Registration costs $20 and that includes lunch.  Visit the website to learn more and register dsojubilate.org.  Also chat with our associate, the Rev. Dr. Cal Lane who is on the organizing team.  The next day, Sunday Nov 3, the Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner from the University of Toronto (one of the guest speakers) will be at St. George's to teach and preach.