Heath & Wellness Update

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Health and Wellness at St. George’s


With the increasing risk of coronavirus and high risk flu season the following precautions shall be put into place:


Worship Services

  • Worship leaders (clergy, vergers, ushers, etc.) shall wash hands thoroughly with hot water and soap before every service and utilize hand sanitizer before administering Communion.
  • At the Peace no physical contact
  • Collection plates will not be passed around but will be set up at the front of the center aisle.
  • When receiving Communion do not kneel at railing, remain standing.
  • For Communion you may opt out of receiving wine and only receive the bread (cross your arms after receiving the bread to indicate to the chalice bearer that you are not receiving the wine). Receiving just the bread still constitutes “full” Communion, not “half” Communion.
  • Please refrain from dipping (intincting) your Communion wafer into the wine – fingers in the cup are actually more unsanitary than taking a sip. The silver vessels are naturally antiseptic as is the wine.
  • Clergy greetings after the service in the narthex or welcome area will be minimized with no handshaking.


General Precautions

  • All staff, including clergy, are instructed to stay home from work or worship if they have any respiratory symptoms not explained by allergies or specifically diagnosed by a physician.
  • All members of the parish are asked to stay home from worship or other parish activities if they have any respiratory symptoms not explained by allergies or specifically diagnosed by a physician.
  • High contact areas of the building (door handles, etc.) shall be cleaned with high grade sanitizing cleansers.
  • Do not touch your face (eyes, nose, mouth).
  • When in doubt, stay home


Please note that most of these measures are common sense and not drastic. Many are reasonable things we all should do under normal circumstances to keep ourselves healthy. Please use your best judgment in determining whether to remain home or not, and when in doubt err on the side of caution. If you do miss a service the sermons are posted on the parish website. The rector, vestry, and staff are monitoring the situation and if more stringent measures need to be put into place further notice will be given