A Loving, Just, Gracious, and Renewing God

Passage:Matthew 5:21-37

Preacher: Calvin Lane

Moses, standing on the plains of Moab, addresses God's people -- the same people who had been graciously saved by God from Egypt. Moses tells them, you have been saved by God; now this is how you will live with that same God. In a similar way, Jesus takes the law and drills down to the heart: not simply adultery, but lust in one's heart violates the law; not simply murder, but hate in one's heart violates the law. When we face the scripture texts we have today, three points must be made: God enters a relationship with us out of his own free love, but because of anything we did; now that we're in a relationship with God, life will change; and the law itself both drives us to a merciful forgiving savior and gives us the shape and content of the grace-filled, Spirit-driven life in Christ.