Children of the Cross

Passage:Mark 9:30-37

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Redemption

We continue our journey through the middle chapters of the Gospel of Mark. In today's passage in Mark 9, Jesus tells his disciples for the third time that he will be handed over to suffering and death and rise on the third day. What follows is an argument amongst the disciples as to whom is the greatest, to which Jesus responds by bringing a small child into their midst and telling them that the one who is greatest must be least of all and servant of all, and that whoever welcomes a little child in Jesus's name welcome not only him, but also the one who sent Jesus. We see in this passage the repeated centrality of Jesus' death and resurrection, but also come face to face with some startling revelations about what it means to be strong, great, and powerful in God's economy. In short we learn what it means to be children of the cross.