Easter: I have Good News and Bad News, which do you want first?

Passage:Luke 24:1-12

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Church Seasons

There were many for whom word of the death of Jesus was good news (Pilate, Herod, the Temple leaders), and there were many for whom that same message was bad news (the disciples). And three days later the news of his resurrection was received as bad news for some, and good news for others. Which is it for you? And down to the present time there are still those form whom the resurrection of Jesus is bad news (take for example the churches bombed in Sri Lanka this morning by people for whom Jesus' resurrection is bad). But the reason Jesus' resurrection is good news is not simply that it makes us feel better, or that we were raised that way, but because its true! Christianity is grounded with truth claims of history, not just philosophical wondering on life. This good news is also of a bewildering nature, because if it is in fact true, then we have to reckon with it. If Jesus is alive, that means he is who he said he is, and that he does lay claim to our lives, whether we like it or not. So what difference will the truth of this Gospel make for you who believe it because it is true?