Essentials 2 - Gen 6-9

Passage:Genesis 6:1-9:29

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Series: The Essentials Series

Category: Bible Study

In these chapters of Genesis we read about the great story of Noah, his Ark, and the Flood. There are deep connections in this story with the creation in Genesis 1 and 2, and the themes of human sin and God's reaction to it are on clear display. Noah is declared to be righteous in God's sight, and he trusts God and obeys what God says. The result is the vessel of salvation, not just for Noah, but his family and all creation, as they are carried by God's mercy through the storm of judgment to new creation. This theme is carried in to the New Testament where the vessel of salvation is not a boat, but a person (Christ), who takes the flood of God's wrath on himself, and by his blood washes away human sin, and whose resurrection is the first fruit of the true New Creation, which the Flood in Genesis but a template.