Essentials 7 - Genesis 37-41

Passage:Genesis 37:2-41:57

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Series: The Essentials Series

Category: Bible Study

We are now at the final section of Genesis, Book/Toledot 10, the account of Jacob. The section spans from chapters 37 to the end of the book (ch. 50) and is the longest of Genesis. This week and next week we follow the adventures of Joseph, and how he is a key figure in God's overall plan to transform, renew, and preserve Jacob's family, in accordance with the promises God made to Abraham. Jacob has had his name changed to Israel and has fathered 12 sons, from whom the Twelve Tribes of Israel are descended and named. But his is a dysfunctional family in danger internally from jealousy and violence, and externally from famine and hardship. From the coat of many colors to slavery in Egypt we follow Joseph's life, and see that through it all God is at work to bring his purposes about.