God the Son, for us baptized...

Passage:Luke 3:22

Preacher: Calvin Lane

Category: Messiah

Keywords: baptism, epiphany, faith, grace, john the baptist, jordan river

The Epiphany season, this stretch between the end of Christmastide and Ash Wednesday, has a coherence and it is encapsulated by a question: who is this Jesus? A sequence of Biblical stories which we hear in January and February persistently raise the question and tease out an answer - the kings and their gifts, the Baptism, his turning water into wine, his healing miracles, and finally the Transfiguration. What, though, does the Baptism of Jesus show us? Why does the sinless one come down to waters meant, as John tells us, for repentance? And how are we adopted by God in and through his only son Jesus?