I am the way

Passage:John 14:1-14

Preacher: Calvin Lane

At graduations someone called the "valedictorian" gives a speech called a "valediction." It's a parting word and literally means the "be strong speech." In John 14, the night before his passion, Jesus gives a lengthy parting speech to his friends - but he is not telling them the usually things you hear in a "valediction." He does not tell them "be strong." Instead he says, "believe in me" and "abide in me." This gets played out beautifully when asked for directions! Jesus says, he is himself the way, the truth, and the life. The message is to not trust in yourself, but rather to abide in Jesus, believe in him, die to self, and be reborn in him. This is not a "valediction" (an encouragement to be strong and trust in yourself), but rather a "benediction" (a word of blessing, hope, and grace).