If It's Secondary, Keep It There

Passage:Isaiah 11:1-10

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Our passage today from Isaiah 11 gives a beautiful portrait of a world at peace and rest, where children play in safety and wild animals are tame. A very fitting theme for the Second Sunday of Advent, traditionally connected with Peace. As much as we value peace, and even strive for something as grand yet elusive as world peace, in this vision of Isaiah such peace is in fact secondary. The primary point of this passage is to present to us not just peace, but the One who will actually bring about that peace: the Shoot from the stump of Jesse's tree, who is in fact Jesus Christ. We must therefore be able to discern and understand which things are secondary and which are primary. This is true not just in reading and interpreting Scripture, but in our understanding of God and our own lives. Secondary things certainly can be good, but if they elbow in to try and be primary, things fall apart. This season of Advent (and really all the time!) we are called to focus on what is primary and keep it there, and to know what is secondary, and while we may appreciate secondary things, keep them there.