I'm doing "fine": Romans 7 and the truth of human nature

Passage:Romans 7:15-25

Preacher: Ben Phillips

"I don't understand my own actions", says St. Paul. The good he wants to do is what he fails to do, and the bad things he knows he should avoid, is what he ends up doing. In this chapter of Romans Paul very deeply and accurately describes not only the internal human condition, but tells us it is so even for a Christian. The gift of God's grace and righteousness doesn't end the inner struggle against sin, it begins it! How do we respond to this Scriptural truth? We tend to downplay our sin and unworthiness (and presume upon God's grace), or we despairingly disqualify ourselves from the love of God, or we daily trust anew the free gift of God's grace in Jesus Christ. For the glory of God is most powerfully revealed in his love of the unworthy.