Indicative and Imperative: Matters of Death and Life

Passage:Colossians 2:20-3:11

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Theology & Doctrine

We conclude our series on Colossians today, looking at the final two indicatives and imperatives that Paul gives in this short but powerful letter. As Christians we must be aware when reading Scripture, particularly the Epistles, when a passage is indicating a truth (a fact about God's revelation of himself) or giving an imperative (a command or necessary impact which flows) from that truth. If we don't make this right distinction, then our faith is often simply reduced to ethics as the lowest common denominator with any other philosophy or religion. Instead, we must understand the truth claims of our faith, which then serve as the basis for right living and behaving. Paul gives us to great indicative/imperative statements in this part of Colossians: "you have died with Christ, therefore...." and "you have been raised with Christ, therefore...". We will explore the significance and deep meaning of these two simple yet profound statements of the Gospel of Jesus.