It Matters Who You Are Baptized Into

Passage:Acts 19:1-7

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Sacrament

Today we are remembering and celebrating a significant moment in the Story of Redemption, the baptism of Jesus Christ (aka The Baptism of Our Lord in the liturgical calendar). Jesus was baptized for us, and we in turn are baptized into him. What does Jesus' baptism by John at the Jordan River teach us about the significance of this Sacrament of the New Covenant? What does Paul's encounter with disciples in Ephesus who only knew the baptism of John but not of Jesus or the Holy Spirit? Ultimately we must face the fact that it absolutely matters who we are baptized into. There are all manner of powers and principalities in this world which demand our allegiance (but will only enslave us in the end) and which demand we be "baptized" into their authority. But we are buried with Christ in baptism and made alive with him through his resurrection - we are under his authority and he is the King of Life who baptizes us with his own Spirit for forgiveness, life, and freedom. If the Church is going to make any difference in this world and in this country, is must not be baptized into the powers of this world but into Christ alone.