Mission Goals, Part 3: Ministry of Stewardship

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Series: Mission Goals

Category: Mission & Vision

In this third sermon in a three part series on setting mission goals for our parish, we focus on a Ministry of Stewardship. First, we will look at what we mean by stewardship in general, that our personal finances are part of our life of discipleship. Then we will explore some data and history of pledging and giving at St. George's over a 14 year period. In closing this series is is important to note a few things. These three mission goals not only come from biblical mandates for all Christians and churches, but they also arise organically as very real and apparent needs to face as a congregation. In other words, we must not only have clear goals, but also have a sound understanding as to why we have these particular goals. In addition, we must understand that attaining these goals will not so much be a matter of technical fixes (what new programs we can come up with) but rather what kind of people we will need to become to get there. Will we be the kind of people who will be present regularly at worship (and be able to say "no" to other things in order to be present), will we be the kind of people who can graciously invite new people to church, will we be the kind of people who hold all our lives, including our finances, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ?