No Peace, But Division - Reckoning with the Claims of Christ

Passage:Luke 12:49-56

Preacher: Ben Phillips

In today's Gospel reading, Luke 12:49-56, Jesus says some shocking things - like that he has not come to bring peace but division, and bring fire to the earth. What are we to make of such a thing? It is tempting to simply dismiss them in favor of Jesus' "nicer" teachings, but ultimately this passage is about Jesus' impending crucifixion, and the truth claims that Jesus makes about himself. Is he really just a philosopher/rabbi, who taught be people to be good? Or did he claim to be the God of Israel in the flesh, who would fulfill the promises of old, die and rise again? All must reckon with these claims, and we find a variety of reactions to them. In this sermon we'll look at how people often avoid facing the claims of Christ, and how, sadly, households and people do get divided over who Jesus is and what he has done. We will also see how Jesus is at work through his Gospel to forgive us and bring true peace.