Pentecost and Witness: The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture

Passage:John 15:26-16:15

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Series: The Apostolic Witness - Easter A.D. 2015

Category: Apologetics

This sermon serves as an 'epilogue' to our Easter series on the importance of the testimony of the apostles. Their testimony is preserved for us in the pages of the New Testament, but how are we to understand the bigger picture of the divine nature of the Bible? If it really is the Word of God, how are we to understand it as the Word of God? In this sermon we'll see that the Bible is neither a golden tablet that descended from heaven in perfect form nor is it simply a repository of various people's experiences of God. Just as Jesus is both God and Human at the same time, so too must we be able to understand the Bible as both a very human document and at the same time a divine document, bearing God's authority and authorship.