Receiving the Kingdom, Pt. 1 - What is the Kingdom of God?

Passage:Mark 4:26-34

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Series: Receiving the Kingdom

Category: Kingdom

We kick off our annual Season of Stewardship this Sunday, and this year our focus is on "Receiving God's Kingdom - Growing in God's Kingdom". Over the next four weeks we will be learning, praying, and reflecting on the ministry, goals, and finances of our parish as well as each of us as individual Christians, in light of what it means to receive the kingdom of God and grow in it. But first, we must ask the question, "What exacltly is the kingdom of God?" It's a term we hear often, but is it? Today we will seek to answer this question by looking at the manifestation of the Kingdom of God (or Heaven) through the unfolding of Salvation history, how Jesus changes our understanding of God's Kingdom, and why plant-life is such an adept explanation in Jesus' parables of what the Kingdom is like.