Redemptive Suffering

Passage:Romans 8:12-25

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Suffering

Romans 8 contains some of the deepest and loftiest theology in all the Bible, and in today's passage Paul is writing about the role of Holy Spirit in longing for new creation (redemption) and the suffering that is still with us until then. The ongoing presence of evil and suffering in the world and in our own lives is a difficult question to wrestle with, especially since we affirm that God is both all good and all powerful. Christians believe that the way in which the Good God does address evil is actually through suffering. And we know that God is not sadistic is because He suffered himself in order to bring redemption. Understanding redemptive suffering allows us to see more clearly the once-and-for-all salvation achieved by Jesus Christ on the cross, and also the Spirit's ongoing work in our own lives.