Reigning, Sending, Returning - Answers to Why Jesus Went Away

Passage:Acts 1:1-11

Preacher: Ben Phillips

When Jesus ascended into heaven, he left the earth just as things were getting interesting. He had just risen from the dead, and even his disciples thought something even bigger might be about to happen. Instead Jesus leaves. Why? Why did he leave the earth at what would seem such a critical moment? In today's sermon we seek to find answers to this question by understanding three things: Jesus ascended to take his place and reign over his kingdom, he ascended so he could send the Holy Spirit and send his followers into the world in the power of the Holy Spirit, and he ascended so that one day he could return in full glory to finalize the new creation and judge the living and the dead. See why the Ascension of Jesus is one of the most overlooked observances of the Christian year and doctrine.