Stewardship: God's Work Within You

Passage:Mark 10:17-31

Preacher: Calvin Lane

Series: Light So Shine: Stewardship 2019

Category: Stewardship & Finance

Keywords: discipleship, god's glory, tithing

Being a disciple means being confronted at times with challenging matters. Mark 10 provides a great example -- a rich young man is unsettled to the point of tears, and Jesus, in a reflective moment, declares that it hard to enter the Kingdom of God. When the amazed disciples ask with exasperation, in effect, "who can accomplish this".... the answer is God himself and God alone. And we might add, for God's glory alone. If we think of our discipleship as boxes to be ticked off then we get the glory. Conversely if we deny that real change is going to happen in our lives, then once again the glory is diverted. But Jesus is clear: for God all things are possible, and that includes a new heart, a changed mind, a reformed will, and even a resurrection Body. Can tithing be all that different?