Straight Talk

Passage:1 Thessalonians 2:1-8

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Series: Stewardship 2015: Amazing Ministries

Category: Wealth

This second part in our Stewardship 2015 series focuses on 1 Thessalonians, wherein St. Paul tells the church that when he and other apostles came to them, they did so with humbleness. Unlike the false apostles, Paul did not use smooth talking flattery, but instead spoke plainly to them about the truth. In our own church today, we strive to be like Paul, that whether we are talking about ministries in the church, special fundraisers like the one we did earlier this year, or annual Stewardship (like we are now), you will get straight forward talk, without the slick presentation, so that you will know the truth and respond to it faithfully.