Suddenly Jesus

Passage:Luke 2:22-40

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Sometimes things happen suddenly and not the way you expect. This Sunday we observe the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. This presentation by faithful Mary and Joseph, is not only in keeping with the Law of Moses, but also ends up being the fulfillment of the prophet Malachi's vision of "the Lord will suddenly appear in his Temple". Jesus, God Almighty in the flesh, appears in his Temple but as a little baby. Suddenly Jesus! And Jesus, while presented once and for all in the Temple in Jerusalem that day, continues to appear suddenly to people down through the ages. Hear about how Jesus appeared to Rev. Phillips and changed his life, eventually bringing him to be the rector of St. George's. Maybe you are waiting for Jesus to appear, maybe you are affraid he will appear - either way we trust that he comes to us to change our hearts and lead us according to his good purposes.