The Baptism of Jesus

Passage:Matthew 3:13-17

Preacher: Ben Phillips

When Jesus was baptized by John in the River Jordan, three things are demonstrated to us. Firstly that Jesus' earthly ministry was inaugurated. Up to that point he was living an 'ordinary' life in Nazareth in relative obscurity, but now his public ministry is set to begin. Secondly, John's baptism "fulfills all righteousness" in that is shows us a strong continuity between the Old and New Covenants, that Jesus' saving work is directly in line with God's plan of salvation from the beginning. thirdly it reveals to us who Jesus really is: God's own beloved Son. All of this means for us as Christians that in Christ we are also called to a ministry, that in Christ we are brought into God story as a continuity (we don't make God part of our lives, he makes us part of His!), and lastly is shows us that we are not up to the task of pleasing God, only Jesus can do that, but that he has done it for us, and in him we share in God's love, pleasure, and joy.