The End of the Beginning

Passage:John 1:1-18

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Theology & Doctrine

Christmas presents us with a time for great perspective on our lives and the world. When Jesus was born, the world changed. His birth marked the end of the beginning. All that had transpired to that point was in preparation for his arrival. When Jesus died on the Cross and rose again, his Resurrection marked the beginning of the end. His Resurrection inaugurated the Last Days, the first fruits of the New Creation. We await his return in glory when that New Creation will manifest in full. These 'big picture' realities of Jesus give us perspective on the world and our lives. They force us to discover what really matters, and recognize what doesn't. As St. Augustine once wrote, "What is the thing that you are clinging to that prevents you from opening your hands to receive the free and gracious gift of God through Jesus Christ?"