The Feasts of the Lord, Part 1 - Overview & First Fruits

Passage:Leviticus 23:9-14

Series: Feasts of the Lord

Category: Messiah

Today we delve into the grand topic of the seven Feasts of the Lord, a sermon series the will run through all of Lent and through Holy Week to Easter. These Feasts were commanded by God and given to Israel to observe throughout each year. These Feasts are based on saving actions that God has accomplished for his people, and the supernatural realities these Feasts culminate in the Person and Work of Messiah, Jesus Christ. In today's sermon we will briefly summarize all seven Feasts, and then focus on the Feast of First Fruits (note: during this series the Feasts will not be addressed in their chronological order, but rather how they best match up with Scripture lessons and themes in Lent).