The God Who Gives

Passage:1 Peter 3:13-22

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Redemption

God saves us not by withholding but by giving, and we who trust in Christ are to be defined first as having received from God, and then giving as we have received. Often times people are tempted to think of God as being stingy, of being the 'god who withholds'. But the truth is quite the opposite. God gives, and gives abundantly. However, he does not give as we think, that is, on our terms. God gives on his terms. And what is it that he gives? Himself! Not some other side created great thing to then give his people (although God does give us many blessings from his creation), but the greatest thing for our salvation that God gives is Christ himself and the Holy Spirit. We will explore these great truths of the Gospel by looking at 1 Peter 3 and John 14.