The God Who Judges Is Also the God Who Gives

Passage:Isaiah 25:6-8

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Series: Light So Shine: Stewardship 2019

Category: Stewardship & Finance

Today we observe All Saints, and one of the things we pray for is guidance in virtuous and godly living. Such a things seem oddly out of place in today's age, especially when we apply "virtuous living" to our money. Isaiah 25:6-8 provides us with a portrait of God who is richly generous to his people, but this portrait is couched in the middle of a lengthy passage about God's judgment on an un-virtuous world. To rightly understand God we must know him as both the God who is Judge but also the God who gives - and gives generously. God saves by giving. This truth profoundly affects the way we give, principally because genuine Christian giving (financially in particular) places us in a posture of relying on God's generosity. What are some concrete examples of virtuous and godly living with our money that we can draw from Scripture?