The "I Am" Sayings of Jesus - Part 1, In the beginning...

Passage:John 1:1-18

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Series: The I Am Sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John

Category: Bible Study

The Gospel of John contains ten unique claims of Jesus, often called the "I Am" sayings. Today we begin a sermon series for Lent which will explore the amazing and unique claims of Jesus found in these sayings. The unique claims of Jesus are not just quaint items of religious tradition, but claims upon our own lives and must be reckoned with. In the Prologue of the Gospel, 1:1-18, John makes a number of outrageous claims about Jesus. Later in John, Jesus will make his own outrageous claims. We will be exploring some of the claims about Jesus in the Prologue, which lead us to conclude (as did C.S. Lewis) that Jesus was either lying, crazy, or telling the truth.