The Miracle, The Man, The Mission

Passage:John 6:1-21

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Serving / Outreach

The Feeding of the Five Thousand in our Gospel passage from John 6 today is the only miracle, other than the Resurrection, that is recorded in all four Gospels. In it Jesus demonstrates God's concern for the well-being of his people, in this case food for nourishment. But there is much more going on here that simply giving out food. This event in Jesus' life closely parallel's a similar event in the life of the great prophet Elisha, and Jesus' own explanation later in the chapter is that the bread of feeding is intended to point people not to their next free meal, but to the True Bread of Life. It is then through Jesus, the Bread of Life, that we are rightly moved to care for the hungry and sick, and to reach out to and teach the lost.