The Power of Presentation

Passage:Luke 2:22-40

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Redemption

When we think about milestones in our lives, is our birth one of them? How about our new birth (i.e. our baptism)? Today we look at Luke 2 when Mary and Joseph present Jesus in the Temple and make the necessary sacrifices according to Mosaic Law. This is known as the Presentation of Our Lord, and it is a major milestone in Jesus' life. It also means (or should mean) a lot to us. In this sermon we will explore the "Why" of presentation, and also the "Power" of presentation. We will all one day be presented before God Almighty. In Christ we are presented pure and spotless (see also Philippians 1:6-9), and yet we continually present ourselves to other things to find the meaning and value they will never and can never give.