The Radio in the Basement

Passage:2 Timothy 2:8-15

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Grace

Why do we come to church? What brings us here for the first time, what keeps us returning week after week? Every week we face things which disorient us, and each week we are drawn to Christ and to each other to be rightly re-oriented. The psalms work very much in this pattern, some are psalms of disorientation ("life stinks") and other are psalms of re-orientation ("God is good"). In our NT reading today Paul gives to Timothy a beautiful teaching on being re-oriented back to God. What brings us to God and back to God again and again is his word of absolution in Christ. The deep question of every soul is, "Am I right with God?" Like an old radio in the basement quietly broadcasting, this question is there. Like that old radio we might not hear it all the time, but it is there. We come to church to hear the answer to this question. Our union with Christ also means union with one another, who share in this absolving word.