The True and Lively Faith

Passage:Romans 4:1-16

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Faith

Romans 4 and John 3 both very specifically focus on the concept of faith. Paul radically states that sinners are accounted righteous before God not by keeping the law, but through faith, and even this is a gift. His great "Exhibit A" is none less than Abraham himself. Jesus also declared to Nicodemus that the focus of God's saving work is Jesus himself, and that everlasting life is to be found through faith in him. So what does it look like for this faith, freely given and gratefully received, to play out in our lives. In order to answer this question we turn to our fore bearers and the Book of Homilies. In keeping with our Lenten program of using the 1552 Prayer Book, we shall hear (in an updated language) from the Book of Homilies, a collection of sermons written to accompany the prayer book, and learn more about a True and Lively Faith.