To Bifurcate, or to Integrate, that is the Question

Passage:Mark 7:1-23

Preacher: Ben Phillips

In Mark 7, Jesus gives us a stark and profound understanding of human nature. Often we think of the source of our problems as "out there", that is, in the world somewhere. But Jesus rigorously indicates that the problem is "in here", that is, in our hearts. If we reject or don't understand Jesus' teaching on human nature, then we will not have a way to understand the darkness in ourselves, and we will end up bifurcating, we split and put on a righteous facade to cover the beast in the basement. But if we understand Jesus' teaching, then Gospel becomes Good News indeed, because Christ has done something about it. The death of Christ for our sins allows sinners to draw out their darkness, to confess it, and be renewed. This freedom actually creates an integrated nature to ourselves, rather than a divided one.