True & Lively Faith in a World Gone Crazy

Passage:Luke 17:5-10

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Faith

Have you ever felt like you were working really hard at doing the right thing, playing by the rules, and being an upstanding person - and in the end getting hammered for it! And meanwhile all the people who are taking shortcuts, skimming off the top, making the easy choices (rather than the right ones) are doing just fine. In a world that is out of sorts and not right, this is the reality. Our Bible passages today, Habakkuk 2:1-4, Psalm 37, and Luke 14:5-10 all deal with this very problem, and all direct the listener back to true faith. In this sermon we'll explore what a true and lively faith is really like - hint, its not about quantity! - and what comes from this faith in a world gone crazy.