What Is a Saint?

Passage:Luke 6:20-31

Preacher: Ben Phillips

Category: Holiness

This week we are celebrating the Feast of All Saints. This raises a rather necessary question: What is a saint? Is it someone who has been granted to have "St." in front of their name? In the New Testament, St. Paul addresses his letters to "the saints in such and such city". A saint is first and foremost a sinner, as Luther rightly points out, that Christians are at the same time righteous and sinful. But a saint also knows the only thing which makes them holy is Jesus Christ, and how we relate to him determines everything. A saint also knows they need to bring Jesus to the world. The world needs peace, Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Often however the world wants peace without the Prince of it. Saints must stand firm on the necessity of Christ, lest all of our endeavors simply be a holy head trip.