Why, O Lord - A Response the Dayton Tragedy

Passage:Luke 12:32-40

Preacher: Ben Phillips

In today's Gospel reading from Luke 12, Jesus refers to his people as his "little flock". What he teaches them is to both be focused on the treasures of heaven, and the importance of our earthly actions. In other words, he points us to the ultimate reality of eternal life, but also to the fact that what we do and say in this life matters. Jesus' words have great significance for we who are healing and still in shock from the mass shooting in Dayton last Sunday morning. Often in our modern American comfortableness, we forget about storing up for ourselves treasures in heaven, because our treasures on earth are so nice! We must also square with the hate and fear and anger that are very real in our earthly lives. How we handle these things must be grounded in our faith in Christ. We must be permitted to be sad, to grieve, and to trust in the Prince of Peace.