With Jesus at the center

Passage:John 14:6

Preacher: Calvin Lane

Keywords: i am

As we come to the close of this Lenten series on the I AM statements, we should first remember that we're going to circle back when Dr. Wes Hill comes on April 22: his talk at 9:30 is "The Great I AM - Crucified?." For today, however, we should hear this final I AM statement (I am the way, the truth, and the life) in the context of the others. Jesus isn't giving us a route to resurrection; he is the resurrection. He hasn't come to teach us how to find bread; he is the bread. And he has not come to teach us a way, but is the way himself. There is no teaching of Christ that is separable from Christ's very person. That's why we call it "Christianity," it all comes back to this one in whom God has revealed himself.