Yearning, Hoping, Waiting

Passage:Mark 13:33

Preacher: Calvin Lane

Keywords: advent kingdom hope

There is a theme that repeats itself in scripture: a deep sense that that world is off kilter and a yearning for the world to be made new. We see in Adam and Eve, in the people Israel in bondage in Egypt, in David, in Ezekiel, and in Amos just to name a few. And we also see this hoping and yearning even after Christ's resurrection and ascension. We find Paul confessing that he's still not the person he should be, doing not the good he wants to do but the evil he does not want to do. When we hope for that world made new, however, whose kingdom is it? Is it God's Kingdom, or our own? Let's remember whose Kingdom we're hoping for and looking for and watching for as we make our way into Advent.