Youth Ministry (6th-12th Grade)

Like other Family Ministries at St. George’s Church, Youth Ministry is cooperatively led by parents and the associate rector. Parents, youth, and the Rev. Dr. Cal Lane gather on a regular basis to share leadership, plan events, and form a close-knit community of disciples who are responsible to each other. 

The philosophy of Family Ministry is that parents are the chief disciple-makers of their children and our ministries seek to empower, encourage, and equip parents in their mission and ministry to and with their youth.

FALL 2017

Sunday Mornings  (Sept 10-Dec 17)

Middle School Bible Study (Grades 6-8) in the Chapel, 9:30-10:15.  This study is led by a rotation of parents; and we always have doughnuts!  Jen Stephens coordinates this study. *At the exact same time, there are adult studies available for parents to join in the office and parish hall; coffee in the parish hall; and children's programming (Pre-K to 5th grade) in the lower level.  There is something for every member of your family at 9:30.  Jen Stephens is our Middle School Bible Study coordinator.

High School Bible Study (Grades 9-12) in the Library, 9:30-10:15.  This study is led by the associate rector, the Rev. Dr. Cal Lane, as well as High School parents; and we always have doughnuts!  *At the exact same time, there are adult studies available for parents to join in the office and parish hall; coffee in the parish hall; and children's programming (Pre-K to 5th grade) in the lower level.  There is something for every member of your family at 9:30.

*Bible Studies go on break after Dec 17 and resume Sunday, Jan 14, 2018


Youth Ministry Fall 2017 Schedule

Sun., Sept. 10 - 4pm Riverscape Metropark, Dayton - Peace Walk (Susan Daly)

Fri. night & Sat. morning, Sept. 15 & 16 - Lock-In Friday night in the parish hall and serving at House of Bread on Saturday morning (Pam Pinchot & Jen Stephens)

Sat. evening, Sept. 23 - Bonfire & Cookout at the Seeley's, 30 Brandon Ct, Springboro.  (Mark & Laura Seeley, Michelle Sievers)

Sun., Oct. 1 - Roller Skating - time & location, TBA (Shane & Wendy Thornewill)

Fri.-Sun., Oct. 6-8 - National Acolyte Festival in Washington, DC; more details soon; more parents needed.  Contact Deacon William Sangrey

Sun., Oct. 15 - Families & Internet Safety, a workshop for youth and their parents following 3rd Sunday Lunch (Pam Pinchot and guests)

Sat., Oct 21 - EQUIP CONFERENCE: Families & the Opioid Crisis, 2:30-5pm -- presentations for youth and adults; art program for children (parents on the steering group: Pam Pinchot and Laura Seeley) 

Sun., Oct 29 - Bowling at Poelking Lanes South, time TBA (Wendy Thornewill and Pam Pinchot)

Sun., Nov 5 - Candy-Sorting for Blue Star Mothers, 6661 Clyo Road, Centerville, time TBA (Wendy Thornewill and Michelle Sievers)

Sun., Nov 12 - Operation Christmas Child Packing & SPRING 2018 CALENDARING, 3-5pm (Jen Stephens, Anoopa Hodes, ALL PARENTS)

Sun., Nov 19 - Confirmation Sunday with Bishop Breidenthal (no youth group event).  Please congratulate our confirmands!  *Also -- Middle School & High School Bible Studies combine with Adults in the parish hall at 9:30 for Bishop's teaching hour.

Sun., Nov 26 - Thanksgiving Weekend (no youth event)

Sun., Dec 3 - Laser Web, Normandy Square Shopping Center 533 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd, time TBA (Susan Daly and Wendy Thornewill)

Sun., Dec 10 - Packing lunches for St. Vincent dePaul in the Undercroft (Michelle Sievers)

** Youth helping to Green the Church following the 10:30am service  (all youth families) either Dec 17 or Dec 24 (TBD)



Need more information about Youth Ministry at St. George's Church?  Email the Rev. Dr. Cal Lane


CONFIRMATION for YOUTH and ADULTS is this Fall -- Sunday, Nov 19 at the 10:30 Service.

Our confirmands began preparing in the spring and by now, we have closed enrollment for presentation for confirmation this fall.  Another opportunity will be available in 2019.

Please speak with the rector if you have questions.

Confirmation is a self-paced process; for youth we ask confirmands be at least in the 9th grade by fall, 2017 and for parents to be intimately involved.  Below you will find the requirements.  These have been published and available since Feb 5 and should be completed by Nov 1.  These requirements (in four different areas) may be done in whatever order works best for you, as long as you are finished by the start of November.

Please note a few things before you see the list of requirements.

**The requirements for youth confirmands and adult confirmands are the same with a couple of exceptions noted in the list below.

**If you were confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church, you will be received (as opposed to confirmed).  However the preparation / requirements are the same. 

**Confirmands must be baptized, but it does not matter in what "denomination" this happened, whether this happened as an infant, child, or adult, or whether you were fully immersed or simply had water poured over your head.  No one is baptized a Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, etc -- you are baptized as a *Christian*.  As long as this sacrament happened with water and in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we warmly recognize your baptism.

**Please note that there was a mandatory info session and potluck supper on March 12 at 6pm in the parish hall.  This was part of our regular 2nd Sunday Potluck Supper.



1.   Attend one Choir Rehearsal (Thursday evenings 7pm to 8:45); while you do not need to schedule your visit, you will need to sign-in when there to record your attendance.  This is your opportunity to see our choir prepare to lead us in worship through the arts.

2. Shadow / Assist the Altar Guild one  weekend; to schedule your time to serve, please contact Sue Schryver ( )

3. Adult Confirmands: submit a pledge card.  Youth Confirmands & their Parents: talk about the family’s pledge (not simply a contribution, but your family's submitted pledge card, the annual practice of submitting the pledge card, how much, how you discerned that amount).  Parents should talk about how they make a financial sacrifice for the mission of the church, the discipline of pledging (as opposed to simply giving) and why its personally important to you.  Pledge cards may be found on the desk in the Welcome Lounge.


Area 2: LOVE

4.   Attend one meeting of the Social Issues Committee (our Outreach Ministry); Meetings are posted on website; while you do not need to schedule your visit, you will need to sign-in with John Weiler when there to record your attendance.

5. Volunteer in some way with the Fall Rummage Sale in October

6.   Either (a) or (b) below; whichever one you feel called to do.

(a) host a Coffee Hour (sign up in Parish Hall; contact Greg Gaines for further info )    

(b) assist with a 3rd Sunday Lunch  (contact Mark Seely for further info on how you can help, )


Area 3: LEARN

7. Attend the Confirmation Kick-Off Supper on Sunday, March 12, 6pm.  This is our regular Second Sunday Supper for March; bring a dish to share; a teaching / info session will be included

8. Regular Attendance at Sunday Morning Bible Study at 9:30 unless seriously prevented

9. Adult Confirmands: read the confirmation workbook.   Youth Confirmands & their Parents: both read workbook  and discuss it together. Parents should vouch that they have done this with their youth by the start of November.

10. Youth Confirmands: Attend the Fall Youth Retreat (one Friday night & Saturday morning; this will be scheduled at the Youth-Parent meeting on April 2)  (THIS REQUIREMENT IS ONLY FOR YOUTH CONFIRMANDS; DOES NOT APPLY FOR ADULT CONFIRMANDS)


Area 4: SERVE

11.   Attend one Vestry meeting; schedule is posted on website; while you do not need to schedule your visit, you will  need to sign-in when there to record your attendance

12.   Attend one Buildings & Grounds meeting; schedule is posted on church website; while you do not need to schedule your visit, you will need to sign-in when there to record your attendance

13. Adult Confirmands: sit it on a Godly Play lesson one Sunday morning; while you do not need to schedule your visit, you will need to sign-in when there to record your attendance.  (THIS REQUIREMENT IS ONLY FOR ADULT CONFIRMANDS; DOES NOT APPLY TO YOUTH CONFIRMANDS)      




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