Education for ALL ages starts back up on Sept 8!


Family-Friendly Education Hour for all Ages

9:30am - 10:15am 

Sept 8 - Dec 22


  Godly Play (Pre-K through 3rd Grade)


Godly Play is an innovative, Montesorri-based  approach to teaching the story of scripture through a child’s innate sense of play and creativity. The Godly Play Room is located in the lower level hall.









What’s Up (4th & 5th Grade)


What’s Up primes our older kids to use their Bibles, how to navigate  such a big book, and how to see those familiar stories now in context.  What’s Up is held in the Education Wing in the lower level. 


Middle School Bible Study (Grades 6-8)


High School Bible Study (Grades 9-12)


If you’ve got older kids (youth), our Middle School Bible Study meets in the Chapel and our High School Bible Study meets in the Library.  Both are led by rotations of youth parents.  Our goal is to bring parents and youth together.  Plus there’s doughnuts!




  Lectionary Study (Parents & Other Adults)


  Rector’s Bible Study (Parents & Other Adults


We want to ensure that adults— especially parents—have the chance both to participate with their kids in child-appropriate education programs but also to join with other adults and parents to have fellowship and read God’s Word together. 

Lectionary Study meets in the church office 

Rector’s Bible Study meets in the parish hall












*Coffee is available in the parish hall at 9:30


*CHOIR warm-up is also at 9:30