crucifix2Sunday 8:00 a.m.

A service steeped in custom using traditional language (following the Book of Common Prayer, Rite I). This early Sunday liturgy provides a balance of quiet reflection and music. Come join other early risers greeting the Lord's Day in a time-honored form of celebration.

Sunday 9:30am - Education Hour

Education and Bible study for every age - including Nursery, Children's Music, Middle & High School Bible Study, Rector's Bible Study (adults), Lectionary Study

Sunday 10:30 a.m.

A vibrant, family-oriented service following the Book of Common Prayer, Rite II. This is our largest gathering, and brings us together for a liturgical and lively celebration of faith. Nursery care is available for children three and under, Sunday School (PreK through 5th Grade) also starts at 10:30am. Drop off/Sign in is in classrooms in Lower Level. Kids will return to Sanctuary at the Peace/Announcements to rejoin their families for Communion.

 Sunday, 5:00  p.m. 

Participants follow the Book of Common Prayer, Rite II, our liturgy in contemporary language. This is a quiet and meditative service (no music), and on the first Sunday of every month we have a time of healing prayer.


Upcoming Sunday Readings


Our Church uses the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), which is a three-year format of Scripture readings for every Sunday. Each year is designated by a letter, Year A, B, or C, where Year A is the first of the three year cycle. Each year begins on the First Sunday of Advent, because that is the beginning of the Church's liturgical year.