Worship Service Survey

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Beginning Sunday, June 14, 2020 onsite worship will resume, but service times will change in an effort to spread out the number of people attending. This is NOT a registration for the service, just a means of estimating how many people we can expect. We will not collect your name or any personal information, only how many people will attend which service.

The results of this survey will be posted on our website (stgeorgesdayton.org) starting Monday, June 1st and updated daily until June 11th. This way parishioners can see in “almost real-time” the attendance spread of our community and be equipped to make the most informed decision.

In order to get a better picture of how many people will potentially attend these new services we are asking parishioners fill out this very quick survey. Please choose which service you/your household would be MOST LIKELY to attend and input the number of people for that time slot.



Estimated attendants by service times as of JUNE 11, 2020

(*3 p.m. time slot designated for the most vulnerable.)

9 a.m. service      14

11 a.m. service    30

3 p.m. service      8

5 p.m. service      9

Not attending on-site services   3