Desiring the Good Life

The Prophet Isaiah paints a vivid alluring picture: a world remade, where the hungry are fed and justice reigns, where sin and death are just a faint memory, and everyone is brought to peace with God, peace with each other, and peace within ourselves.  Everyday you and I are bombarded with competing images of the good life.  And the deep truth about human nature is that once our hearts are captured, everything else falls in line to seek our that image of "the good life."  Our hope is for everyone of us to fall in love again, and again, and again with Jesus and the world he began when he stepped out of the tomb.  Once we fall in love, though, cultivation has to happen -- and happen persistently -- so that we seek out that image, that picture of the good life.  So, as we engage stewardship, lets have our lives (including our pledge cards) fall into place, trailing behind what we really love, and thereby cultivate a life in Christ.

Speaker: Calvin Lane

November 17, 2019

Calvin Lane

Associate Rector

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