Our Regular Sunday Schedule includes Indoor, Outdoor, & Online Options

Indoor Eucharist: 9am and 11am           *9am is In-Person & Online

Holy Eucharist - 9am and 11am services are celebrated inside the church.

Service bulletins - Click HERE for the 9:00am.  Click HERE for the 11:00am service bulletin.     

Masks - Fully vaccinated: masks are not required.  Those not fully vaccinated: masks are strongly recommended.

Online - Click HERE to visit our YouTube Channel to watch our Live-Stream of the 9am Service.  A recording of the service is also available on our YouTube Channel after the live-stream concludes. Click HERE to visit an online hymnal website to follow the music and sing along with the service recording.

Offering - You may make an offering after the service. The plate is located near the doors. Online giving is also available HERE  or mail offerings, 5520 Far Hills Ave. Dayton, OH 45429-2204.

Directions for receiving Communion                                      

              ► All Baptized Christians of any denomination are welcome to receive Communion.

              ► If you have not been baptized, you are welcome to cross your arms for a blessing                               

              ► Communion will be in one kind (bread only)

              ► Follow usher’s directions to come forward

              ► Celebrant will drop a wafer of bread in your hand and you may consume the wafer at that time.

              ► If you prefer to return to your pew and consume the wafer there, that's perfectly fine too.

Outdoor Eucharist: 10am

10:00 AM Outdoor Eucharist  (Come to the east end of the lower parking lot)

Service bulletin - The leaflet will not be distributed outdoors. Please view using your personal device or print a copy for this service by clicking HERE.

Masks - are optional for all outdoor services

Offering - You may make an offering after the service. The plate is located near the doors. Online giving is also available HERE  or mail offerings, 5520 Far Hills Ave. Dayton, OH 45429-2204.

Directions for receiving Communion                                      

              ► All Baptized Christians of any denomination are welcome to receive Communion.

              ► If you have not been baptized, you are welcome to cross your arms for a blessing                               

              ► Communion will be in one kind (bread only)

              ► The priest will approach you; please hold out your hands and he will drop a wafer in your hands.

              ► You may consume the wafer once you have received; you no longer need to wait.

Weather permitting - Should there be snow or rain and/or temperatures below 32 degrees (including wind chill) a cancellation will be sent via our Messenger Update email and posted on our Facebook page at 2pm on that given Sunday.  

Christian Education

Education ministries for children, youth, and adults will resume in-person on Sunday, September 12 at 10am

Upcoming Sunday Readings

Our Church uses the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), which is a three-year format of Scripture readings for every Sunday. Each year is designated by a letter, Year A, B, or C, where Year A is the first of the three-year cycle. Each year begins on the First Sunday of Advent, because that is the beginning of the Church's liturgical year.

Plan a Visit

Where do I park?

St. George's has two parking lots, an upper and lower. All traffic enters the upper lot and exits from the lower lot. Entrance to the upper lot is from Manor Lane off of Far Hills Avenue (there's a sign at Manor Lane and Far Hills to point you in the right direction). If the upper lot is full you can follow the driveway around the building and down to the lower lot. If you enter the building from the lower lot you will need to go upstairs one level to the Sanctuary or use the Elevator and go to level 'S'.

handicapped symbol Our building is fully handicapped accessible. To make use of handicapped parking please use the upper lot or the designated parking spaces on the driveway that connects the upper lot to the lower lot. If you park on the driveway please enter the building using the double red doors and continue straight ahead to the elevator on the right. Select "S" for the Sanctuary level. An ADA restroom is located on the lower level by the east stairs.

Are my kids welcome?

We've got lots of kids at our main worship service at 10:30am and your kids will fit right in.  If you choose to use our professionally-staffed nursery for infants to age 3, it is located on the lower level and is available between 9:30 and 11:45.  Please be sure to provide a cell phone number so we can contact you if needed. 

Children age 3 to 3rd Grade start with their families in the main worship service but, at the start of the sermon, are invited to join our Children's Chapel team in the parish hall for a time of child-friendly worship.  They rejoin families at the Peace so we can all receive Holy Communion together. 

If you're child would rather stay with you through the whole service, that's absolutely fine too!  There are "busy bags" for kids (crayons and coloring books) by the entry doors which the ushers can help with.  If you've got an infant with you who gets fussy, you're certainly welcome to step into our narthex (entry way) where you can still see the service through the glass wall and hear the service via the audio speakers.  Whatever you choose for your kids, we're blessed you are with us!

Please also know that we have an education hour at 9:30 with education for all ages. 

How do we worship at St. George's?

An usher will be glad to give you a service bulletin and help you find a pew. Our worship services follow a traditional format, sometimes called a "liturgical" type of worship. Our liturgy is led using the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) which you can find in the pew shelf in front of you - it's the red book with gold cross on front. The BCP has the prayers and various parts of the service in which the congregation participates. At the 10:30 service we provide a full bulletin which contains the entire service, so you don't have to use the BCP if you don't want to. At 8:00am and 5:00pm the bulletin gives the appropriate page numbers of the service in the BCP but does not print the full service. Most of our worship songs are found in the blue hymnal in the pew shelf; the page numbers for the songs are found in the bulletin and on the song boards at the front.

You may wonder when to stand or kneel. Above all, please don't worry; we're glad you're with us! (and instructions are given in the bulletin and by clergy as well). Practices vary even among individual Episcopalians. The general rule is: stand to sing, kneel to pray, and sit to listen. We stand also to say our affirmation of faith, the Creed, and for the reading of the Gospel. We sit during readings from the Old Testament and New Testament, the sermon, and the choir anthems.  You will find the services of the Episcopal Church Christ-centered, beautiful in their ordered dignity, and still mindful of the needs of the individual.

Can I receive Holy Communion?

We have Holy Communion at all Sunday services. All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Communion at St. George's. You are welcome to receive both the wafer and the cup, but if you prefer the wafer only that is fine too. Just receive the wafer and then simply return to your pew; no need to wait for the cup. If you need a gluten-free wafer, please simply tell the clergy when they reach you at the rail.

If you have not been baptized, you're still welcome to come to the rail for a blessing.  Simply cross your arms over your chest to let the priest know that you'd prefer a blessing.  Then you may return to your pew. If you would like to be baptized please speak to one of our clergy and we'll be glad to talk with you!


First Sermon - A True And Lively Faith

In celebration of the Rector's tenth anniversary at St. George's, here is the very first sermon preached here by the Rev. Ben Phillips. It was given on Sunday, August 8th, 2010, on his first Sunday. It is on Hebrews 11, the great chapter on...

Children's Chapel

*DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC -- our children's chapel is suspended.  Please see the top of this page for more accurate worship options.  The description below, however, pertains to normal circumstances.

Our main worship service begins at 10:30 with all ages gathered together. During the service, right before the sermon, children age 3 to 3rd grade are invited to Children's Chapel.  They process over to the Parish Hall for a time of child-appropriate worship including a Bible story, the Creed, songs, and a time for prayer.  Children's Chapel lasts about 20 minutes and the kids return at the Peace.  Parents are always welcome to keep their kids with them in worship or join them in Children's Chapel if they would feel more comfortable.  

For any questions about Children's Ministry please contact the Rev. Dr. Cal Lane


*DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC -- our nursery is currently closed.  The following description, however, pertains to normal circumstances.

Your child is always WELCOME at St. George's!  If you'd like to use our nursery, we serve infants and toddlers to age 3.  We welcome children in Church and during worship services. If a child gets a little "excited about the sermon" (;-), please feel free to comfort them in the entry hall where we have benches and the service audio is broadcast for you to still hear. Anytime you bring your child to the Nursery, please:

  • Sign your child in at the Nursery entry door, noting any allergies and how to get in touch with you. Please be mindful of other little ones when dropping off or picking up.
  • If you have a diaper bag to leave with your child, make sure it is labeled, or if you leave a bottle or snack make sure the containers have your name
  • Pick up your child and sign out. You may pick up your child during the worship service and bring them into church during the service. 

The nursery is a wonderful place for both the volunteers and their small charges.