Mission, Transformation, and Kingdom Priories

The story of Christ's healing of the heavily-possessed man (which appears in Matthew, Mark, and Luke) is richly layered. Let's look only at three aspects: Mission, Transformation in Christ, and Kingdom Priorities. First, Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, has wandered out among the Gentiles, capturing God's global purposes. Second, we find at the center not cheap affirmation or cold rejection but complete transformation, a restoration of the image of God in this man. Third, we have a cautionary tale in the response of the community and their priorities. And yet this restored man is commanded to go and tell the world of what God has done. May we likewise be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to see our mission, delight in our transformation, and lay all at the feet of Christ.

Speaker: Calvin Lane

June 23, 2019
Luke 8:38-39'>Luke 8:38-39

Calvin Lane

Associate Rector

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